An Integrated Approach to the Financial Services You Need

Oakhurst Financial is a fee-only financial planning, investment management, and tax firm in Los Altos, California.   

As Financial Planners, we offer an integrated, comprehensive approach to investments,  retirement planning, tax planning, and preparation.  We analyze the tax implications of your investment strategies to optimize what really matters to you:  what you keep after taxes.  And we don't just prepare tax returns in isolation, but instead help you plan your financial strategies throughout the following year.

Our fee-only approach means that we accept no commissions for selling any products, nor do we benefit from recommending any particular course of action. We look out for what is right for you.

We are proud of our straightforward values and commitment to our clients' interests.  
No matter what your financial question or issue, we can solve it, or  help you with a referral to someone that can. 

Our planning and investment advice is offered hourly, by the project, or for an annual retainer.  You get to choose what fits you.  We also provide investment management for clients that prefer that approach.   Tax preparation is done for a  very competitive fixed fee, determined by the complexity of your return.  

Our services

We can help in any of the following areas:
  • Retirement forecasting and planning
  • Budgeting ("cash flow") and expense reduction
  • Investments
    • Stocks, bonds, mutual funds
    • Investment allocation
  • Investment management and investment monitoring
  • Tax planning and tax return preparation
  • Insurance ("risk management") analysis and recommendations
  • Estate planning

Some common challenges we can help with:
  • Tax return preparation / amendment, audit representation, and tax planning
  • Employee stock option strategies
  • Mortgage refinance analysis
  • Investment allocations for 401(k) and other accounts
  • 401(k) rollover and Roth conversion strategies
  • Withholding Optimization
  • Auto & Home insurance coverage limits and deductibles
  • Getting to a successful retirement plan
  • Identifying needs for a will, trust, health care directive, etc.
  • Life insurance needs analysis and strategies
Our values
  • We take our fiduciary duties seriously. We always put our client's interests before ours.

  • We do our best to provide you with accurate and realistic advice

  • No client is too small.  Everyone needs good advice.

  • We explain everything.

  • We do not sit in judgment.   We are here to help you with your financial life, not judge it.

  • We are open and straightforward with our assessment and your suggested actions.

  • We do not tell you what to do.  We offer advice (and usually alternatives) along with the implications.  You decide.

  • We follow the data, not trends or fads.  That means we are believers in time-tested methods like asset allocation, and not market timing or stock picking.

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